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Publications - Scores, Libretti, Postcards

Publications - Scores, Libretti, Postcards

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Zennor Postcard Set of 8


Frances Lloyd 
(1855 – 1921)

Set of 8 Postcards
of Zennor landscapes

Please click image above, for more details and description.

Price includes VAT and Postage 



In 1889, Frances Lloyd moved to the Cornish fishing town of St Ives and was an early pioneer of the artist's colony. She first rented rooms at Albany Terrace, then later spent much of her time at Bridge Cottage, in the nearby village of Zennor, where she painted a series of landscapes and domestic scenes using tempera painting


The George Lloyd Society has reproduced a selection of these tempera paintings as a series of postcards,

available through the shop as a set of 8, price £4.00 plus postage.


We have also photographed the postcards as if on her easel in the original locations,
with a time lapse of 130 years. Download HERE


Postacrds Set A3 Front 2