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Scores for sale and for hire


Manuscript and typeset versions.

(July 2021)


All of George Lloyd’s choral, orchestral and chamber works are published by the George Lloyd Music Library.  All his works for brass band and wind band, (including arrangements for brass and wind) are published by others – Boosey and Hawkes, Music Sales etc. Please see our Catalogue of Works at for details.

Orchestral material: All parts for performance are available in professionally produced copyist manuscript. 

Manuscript scores: Most of the George Lloyd scores are made up from high-resolution scans of the final manuscript, which he used for conducting concerts and recordings. (Samples available).

Typeset scores: We are slowly working our way through making typeset versions of  the orchestral works, using Sibelius software.  The following works are available in typeset versions:  


Symphonies No 4, 6 and 9

Cello Concerto

In Memoriam (Orchestral version)

HMS Trinidad March (Orchestral version)


Pervigilium Veneris (The Vigil of Venus)

Aubade for 2 pianos.

Symphony No 7  is in preparation. 


Three operas, Symphony No 8, and all works for solo piano are available as manuscript scores made by a professional copyist.   


Sizes: Scores are available in A4 format for perusal, or larger formats (B4 or A3) for performance.  All works can be supplied either as PDF files, (by email or on CD) with cover pages etc. ready for printing, or as printed and spiral bound hard copies (by post.) 


Prices:  Please refer to the Sale Price List at for details. The website does not yet show prices for supply of PDF, but these prices are very much lower than prices for printed scores, as we do not have to bear the cost of printing, binding and carriage. PDF prices range for £5 to £10 per score, with a further charge of £5.00 for supply on CDR or DVD.  Please note: an A3 printer and binder will be required to produce hard copy for A3 or B4 scores supplied in in PDF format.

Carriage is charged at cost, which is calculated and invoiced when an order is placed.


Perusal Scores:  Perusal Scores are available for a period of three months. Return carriage should be paid by the customer unless a performance is arranged, in which case the perusal score may be retained and the cost will be deducted from the cost of hiring the performance material.