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Catalogue Number: TROY703

Price: £7.50

A compilation of some of Lloyd's lesser known works.

"There is barely a minute of George Lloyd's music in which you cannot hear his English roots."

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Track Listing:

1       Party Politics
          BBC Philharmonic.                                                                 7:30

From TROY 090, Charade & Third Symphony  

2        Iernin:  But what are these chill stones
Marylin Hill Smith, BBC Concert Orchestra                               4:36

From TROY 121 

3        Violin Concerto; Con Brio

Cristina Anghelescu, David Parry, Philharmonia Orchestra         7:43

From TROY 316 

4        Cello Concerto: Violante, doloroso

Anthony Ross, David Alan Miller, Albany SO                             5:11

From TROY 458 

5        Seventh Symphony: Lento
George Lloyd, BBC Philharmonic                                             4:55

From TROY 057-2 

6        In Memoriam

          John Foster Black Dyke Mills Band, David King     

From TROY 051-2                                                                  5:46 

7        Requiem; Ingemisco & Confutatis

Stephen Wallace, Matthew Owens*, Exon Singers

From TROY 450                                                                     5:53 

8        A Symphonic Mass:  Benedictus
Brighton Festival Chorus, Bournemouth SO                              7:29

From TROY 100 

9        Violin Sonata
Tasmin Little, Martin Roscoe                                                   7:14

From TROY 029-2 

10      The Lily-leaf and the Grasshopper
Kathryn Stott, piano                                                              7:00

From AR 004 

11      Intercom Baby
Martin Roscoe, piano                                                              8:22

From AR 003 

12      4th Symphony Allegro

Albany Symphony Orchestra                                                   4:16

From TROY 498