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Piano Concerto No. 3

Catalogue Number: TROY019
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BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by George Lloyd, Kathryn Stott (Piano) 
George Lloyd writes: "Apart from the Fourth Symphony, my first three piano concertos are the only works in which I consciously took the Second World War period as a starting point in my mind. This may lead the listener to expect nothing but brutality and other of our nasty characteristics; he would be wrong; there was also gaiety, love and all the gentler sides of humanity as well as the horror."  

... Personal emotions colour the music with conviction, passion even. The BBC Philharmonic, of course, play beautifully, reacting favourably to the splendid quality of the music and of its scoring...splendidly recorded and annotated.  Gramophone 

Energetic, brusque, even jazzy at times, although laced with tragedy as well. A remarkable 'lento' with a central section that is both wistful and loving surrounded by music that is much darker and more oppressive...this is a strong appealing work...the orchestra plays with conviction and the recorded sound is wonderfully clear and full.
Henry Fogel, Fanfare