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Symphony No. 7

Catalogue Number: TROY057
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BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by George Lloyd

George Lloyd writes of his Seventh Symphony: "The ancient Greeks had a wonderful knack of wrapping up truths in myths, and of giving form to what is logically unexplainable. Many of these myths still ring true whether you think of them as psychological states or spiritual facts. One of the myths that fitted in with my thought some 30 years ago was the story of Proserpine; it is a story that seems to tell us something about the human condition of having one foot on this earth and another somewhere else - wherever that may be. For Proserpine was the daughter of the earth goddess Ceres and the father of the gods, Jupiter himself. She was supposed to live in Sicily among the flowery meadows and limpid streams that surround the plain of Enna; and it is told that she was so beautiful that Jupiter fell in love with her. However, Pluto, the god of the Underworld, carried her away and she became the queen of the infernal regions. There are three movements in this symphony. The first shows Proserpine as the joyful, dancing side of life. But she was also the goddess of Death, and at the beginning of the second movement, I have written on the score a quotation from Swinburne's poem "The Garden of Proserpine:" [Pale, beyond porch and portal- Crowned with calm leaves, she stands- Who gathers all things mortal - With cold immortal hands.] The last movement is concerned with the desperate side of our lives."

 This disc is *** recommended by the Penguin Guide to Compact Discs.


... I have not the slightest doubt that this tremendous symphony should force anyone who cares about the European symphonic tradition to take Lloyd seriously as a major contributor to it. Tempo The Seventh Symphony is on a larger scale...the emotional heart searching is muted and lies beneath the surface...the end is curiously satisfying. Lloyd's powers of construction ensure that this is not only a well balanced symphony but also a forcefully propulsive is also the case that Lloyd has very great powers of orchestration...the recording itself is of equal accomplishment..  Gramophone 
... Superb performance and recording [A*1*]...a significant work in Lloyd's output...the BBC Phil in sparkling form...the climax (of) the last movement should prove a good test of your system's ability to resolve complex textural detail at high volume...a major achievement... HiFi News 

...One of the most beautiful symphonies written this century... Fanfare, Critics Choice 1987 

...Tonality, tunefulness and romantic is beguiling; I find myself listening again and again to the rich, superbly balanced, orchestral colours, admiring the ebb and flow of themes, being entranced by the astonishing depth and veracity of this. Hampstead & Highgate Express 

... Has you marvelling at the never ending invention in it's three long movements, with one idea treading on the heels of another... Guardian