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Symphony No. 5

Catalogue Number: TROY022
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The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by George Lloyd

This disc is *** recommended by the Penguin Guide to Compact Discs.


George Lloyd wrote: 

"The Fifth Symphony, written by the lake in Neuchatel, is in five movements. The first movement is a 'Pastorale' (Allegretto con tenerezza), and has writing for strings and wind only. The second is called 'Corale', inspired by the sometimes-grim Calvinism found in that part of Switzerland, and contains no violins or violas. The third movement is delicate indeed, the orchestral texture is the most refined and sensuous that I had so far accomplished"


In the fourth movement the mood changes; ˜Lamento' (Adagio drammatico) is a dark full-bodied piece in which for the first time the whole orchestra is used. The finale is brimming with confidence and hope and its exhilaration brings the symphony to a triumphant end.



...Little enough of our own century's symphonic music reflects happiness; and little enough is as lucid and immediately attractive as this Fifth Symphony. Gramophone The musical language is engaging. The orchestration is colourful, often luscious, the orchestra play beautifully under the composer's direction. Lloyd writes expressively and from the heart.  The New York Times

...The account of the moving music given by the BBC Philharmonic is in every way a splendid one, rivalling that given on the earlier Lyrita LP by Edward Downes and the Philharmonia. On the new CD the BBC Philharmonic are conducted by Lloyd himself, an excellent conductor in his own right, and one to whom I am most certainly not going to pretend to give advice about how his own music ought to go! In any event, it sounds exactly right to me; and so does the quality of recording; rich and clear.  Malcolm MacDonald