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Symphony No. 4 "Arctic"

Catalogue Number: TROY498
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The Albany Symphony Orchestra, conducted by George Lloyd.
Recorded in Troy Music Hall, New York State.

During World War II,  Lloyd served in the Royal Marines on the Arctic convoys in HMS Trinidad. His ship was torpedoed and he sustained severe shell-shock. His Swiss wife Nancy and he travelled to Switzerland after the war where he slowly regained his health, and where he wrote his Fourth Symphony. The score is inscribed 'A world of darkness, storms, strange colours and a faraway peacefulness."


..I was hardly prepared for the imaginative power, for the fibre and muscle and sheer instrumental brilliance of the writing of this 65 minute score...a world of haunting tranquillity...could almost be a long lost ballet by Tchaikovsky...Daily Telegraph 

.. It is difficult to see this as other than a major achievement among our own century's symphonists..He is a master orchestrator...this Symphony is of great and permanent value...a marvellous Symphony.Gramophone 
 Persistently memorable tunes...powerful emotional impulse...Yorkshire Post ...brilliant playing and a deeply convincing reading, vividly directed by the composer... remains in the memory long after you've heard it...Fanfare ...a great work by any measure and thoroughly deserving of our 'orchestral' accolade. Which CD Music Awards any parameters the slow movement of the Fourth is surely great music...intense, deeply felt and with masterly orchestration. Which CD 
 ...contains some of his finest music...glorious tunefulness, piquantly must also go to the engineers...I liked the firm unforced recording...HiFi News 
..the Fourth...(is) in any terms a masterpiece...rather like Tchaikovsky's Fourth, Lloyd's Fourth starts with a doom laden invocation of fate, and moves through sadness and levity to a triumphant, bombastic finale. Lloyd was as tortured in his way when he wrote the Symphony as Tchaikovsky was when he wrote his...this recording is magnificent...Weekend Telegrap is a quite stunning recording and shows the brilliant quality of George Lloyd's work...there are four movements and his music captures that darkness and raging storms but it also has a magic suggesting peace, colour, light and, particularly in the finer part, a tuneful cheeriness...the finale is so moving that one is caught along with the music and tempted to leap out of the armchair to applaud - as applaud they surely do at live concerts...Herald Express