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Symphonies No.2 & No. 9

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BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by George Lloyd

This disc is *** recommended by the Penguin Guide to Compact Discs.

George Lloyd writes: "When a composer has written eight symphony he may find that the horizon has been blacked out by the overwhelming image of Beethoven and his one and only Ninth. There are other very good No. 5s and No. 3s, for instance, but how can one possibly have the temerity of trying to write another Ninth Symphony? I solved my problem by treating it lightheartedly. I wrote my Ninth Symphony in December 1969 and on the full score I added the following notes: If I had been a serious composer in the late nineteenth century, this symphony would have been at least an hour and a half long, and it would have concerned itself with life, death and resurrection. As I was born somewhat later than that, I will simply tell you that there are three movements, the first one is about a young girl, she dances and is a little sentimental; the second is about an old woman who reminisces - grief-stricken; and the third is the merry-go-round that just keeps on going round and round and round. The Second Symphony was written in 1933 and revised in 1982. The first complete performance was given under my direction by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra in January 1986; this recording was made a few days later."


... Symphony No 2 is a work of vibrant colour and lyrical depth.  Gramophone
... The orchestration constantly impresses with its deftness and textural variety.  Yorkshire Post 
... Symphony No 9: One aspect of this work is Lloyd's optimism and and cheerfulness. Even when writing on a symphonic scale, he has the rare ability to conjure a smile. 
Yorkshire Post