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Wantage B Wantage Bells HOT



Elizabeth Harwood sings Wantage Bells 

by John Betjeman in a setting by George Lloyd

with John Constable (Piano)



John G Deacon of Conifer Records commissioned a recital and recording of rare English songs by the late Elizabeth Harwood. He asked George Lloyd to write a song for Elizabeth and Lloyd obliged with a setting of "Wantage Bells" a poem by John Betjeman.


The copyright in the recording now belongs to The Elizabeth Harwood Memorial Trust, and Elizabeth's husband Julian Royle has kindly agreed to allow us to make the recording available to members of the George Lloyd Society Society.


Originally issued on vinyl LP CFRA 120, which is no longer available. 


There is a beautiful holograph of the text of the poem, written on a watercolour painting by Betjeman himself,  in the University of Victoria Library.  The holograph can be magnified and downloaded, and Elizabeth Harwood's singing makes a fine accompaniment when studying the picture.    Link to Betjeman drawing here:  



Harwood LP