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George Lloyd - Road through Samarkand  - Audio

for two pianos


George Lloyd writes: "During the summer of 1972 I wrote a number of piano pieces. I had been watching the yellow-robed, shaven-headed, chanting, bell-ringers dancing up and down Oxford Street, London.On the title page of "The Road through Samarkand"  I added, "...with burning hearts they danced their way from Calais to Calcutta, but what did they find?". 

The boisterous Road through Samarkand is a splashy and highly inventive toccata, written as a bravura solo piece for virtuoso John Ogdon, who gave the premiere performance in New York in 1972. The piece has been brilliantly expanded for the present performers, It has catchy syncopated touches but ends disconsolately (although with a final surge of energy) as the travellers fail to find salvation in the East.  Played by Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow