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1913-1929 - George Lloyd - Educa 1913-1929 - George Lloyd - Education HOT



1913 - 1929  - George Lloyd - Education, of a kind

The making of a musician


George Lloyd suffered recurring bouts of rheumatic fever when he was a child. He did not attend school until he was 12 and left when he was 14, when he decided that he was going to be composer and demanded a proper musical education.  After a year at Chichester Cathedral he studied with violin virtuoso Albert Sammons, then composition with Lovelock at Trinity College, with Kitson at the Royal Collage and with Farjeon at the Royal Academy.  At the age of 18 he waved his professors goodbye, and struck out on his own, writing three symphonies before he was 21, and having them performed and broadcast by the BBC.
George Lloyd had arrived.

GLL aged 15