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A table-top canon Christmas Carol

in the shape of a crossby George Lloyd

Discovered among George Lloyd’s papers is a most unusual Christmas Carol, written in the form of a ‘table top double canon’ combined so that the sheet music is in the shape of a cross. It is intended to be performed by four singers standing or sitting in a square, sharing one copy of the music, each singer reading a line as normal, from left to right.

The melodic lines are each only seven bars long, but are reversible, so that although the singers start at opposite ends of a line, the result has harmonic integrity. 
The 7 bar piece is simply repeated as often as required.No other example of a tabletop canon in the shape of a cross is known to us, although Bach, Mozart, Webern and many other composers turned their attention to similar party tricks.

George Lloyd's manuscript has been set in SIBELIUS notation software by Alex Silverman, - a notable feat in itself.... Thank you Alex.

Download a copy here.  

To p
rint your own Christmas card, 
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Joyeux Noel, Joyeux Noel,
soit la fete benie,
Joyeux Noel


Happy Christmas, Happy Christmas,
May the festival be blessed, 
Happy Christmas!

 Carol Download for PDF