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In 2013, conductor and composer Peter Fender played Lloyd's Fifth Symphony with the Philharmonica Britannica at St John's, Smith Square. He made a short film (8 minutes) about his life and experience as a conductor, the social aspects of music making, using the rehearsal and performance of the symphony as a visual and musical backdrop to his film.  It can be viewed here:

PlayClick Here: 5th Symphony - Peter Fender Portrait  


Radio New Zealand featured George Lloyd as Composer of the Week, with a particularly good selection of music. 
A shortened version (about 28 minutes) is available here: 



In 2013, we were asked to provide soundtracks for a series of short films about fine country houses in the Lake District.  These included Town Head House, on the shores of Lake Windermere, and Brackenburn, Hugh Walpole's house near Keswick, where he wrote the Rogue Herries series of romantic novels. The architecture and interior designs are quintessentially English, and although George Lloyd did not consider his music particularly English, his languid tunes suit the peace and beauty of the Lake District. The films were made by Tom Lloyd, George Lloyd's nephew.   
(Scroll down for short films, which open in separate windows.)

PlayClick Here: Town Head House 

Town Head House for soudtrack

Symphony No 6  - Slow Movement   (Soundtrack for Lloyd & Colman) 


PlayClick Here: Brackenburn

Symphony No 3

Symphony No 3: Lento (Soundtrack for Lloyd & Colman)


PlayClick Here: Peasecroft

The Lily Leaf and the Grasshopper

from The Lily Leaf and the Grasshopper. (Soundtrack for Lloyd & Colman)