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Music Library - Hire Price List

Carriage: UK outward carriage is charged at cost.  
This is usually about 10% of Invoice value.)
Return carriage to be paid by the hirer. 

Notice: 3 months notice for hire of material is helpful, but not essential. 

Payment: Payment to be made within 30 days of invoice in Sterling, by Paypal, by cheque or by Direct Transfer.  

Perusal Scores: Available for 90 days, postage charged at Cost. Items not returned after 90 days are charged at List Price.  

CD: A free CD recording of the relevant work is usually sent with a hiring of Score & parts.

Performance sets: Discounts available for student and amateur performances.

Markings:  Hire material is to be marked lightly in pencil only, please.  Cleaning or replacement costs will be charged as necessary.    

Rates: Hire Rates are based on historic Music Publishers' Association rates, themselves based on duration, scale of work etc.  Hire Charges will therefore vary according to the venue, the scale of the work, and the Hirer. 

Quotations: Please contact the Library for a specific quote.  Telephone 01539 824008 or use the 'Contact Us' form. (Top Right)  


Example:  A Symphonic Mass for Chorus and Orchestra 

This is large scale work. 
Hire rates for smaller and shorter works will be lower,
(more or less pro rata, based on parts and duration.)

Sale:                  Full Score:    £56.00   Vocal Score: (not for bulk sale) £20.00

Orchestra Parts: including Full Score with strings

For 1 month -   £210.00    For 2 months - £262.00    For 3 months - £315.00 

Vocal Scores:     per part for 3 months - £1.60  e.g. for choir of 100: £160.00 

Example Total: 
Hire fee for orchestral parts & 100 vocal scores for 3 months:   £475.00

Less:                  Discount for amateur groups: 50%               £237.50


Symphonic Mass Orchestration:

3 Flts (3rd dbl picc.), 2 Obs,1 Cor Anglais 2 A-Bb Clars, 1 Eb Clar, 3 Bsns (3rd Dbl Contra), 4 Horns+ Bumper, 
4 trpt, 3 trbns, 1 Euph, 1 Tuba
1 Timps, Perc.(4 players) 1 Hrp, Celesta/Organ (1 player), Strings