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George Lloyd Society News V

George Lloyd Society News V

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Newsletter No 5  

25th March 2013   


 Concerts, Broadcasts and Events

A number of new events have been added to the Centenary Concerts Calendar, so please check at:

In particular:

1. Surrey Opera have now confirmed that there will be two additional performances of Iernin¬†in Penzance, on 1st ‚Äď 2 November, at the same venue that the opera was first staged in 1934. ¬†Auditions for the solo parts have taken place, and auditions for chorus members are taking place shortly. If you are a singer in the Croydon area and want to take part in this great undertaking, please go the Surrey opera Facebook Pages.¬†

2. THE GEORGE LLOYD STORY will be broadcast on BBC Radio Cornwall on Friday March 29th from 6 to 7pm.  Also available on the BBC iPlayer, Listen Live or Listen Again at  Presented and produced by Phillip Hunt, the programme features a selection of George Lloyd’s music and an interview recorded at his London home in 1993

3. If you happen to be in Australia in November you may like to hear the Queensland Orchestra perform the third movement of the George Lloyd Cello Concerto on 16th November at the Concert Hall of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane. 

4. The Forest of Arden - Lambeth Wind Orchestra

     St Leonards Church, Tooting Bec, London, SW16

      Saturday 20th April

5. Le Pont du Gard ‚ÄďThe Angel Orchestra, cond. Peter Fender

   St Silas, Islington,  Premiere Performance!
    Sunday 7th July  

6. Cello Concerto - Angel Orchestra, (Cello Bart Lafollette) cond. Peter Fender 

   St Silas, Islington

   Saturday 1st December

¬†7. Overture to ‚ÄėJohn Socman‚Äô

¬† ¬† Britten Violin Concerto / Beethoven Symphony No.3 ‚ÄėEroica‚Äô¬†

     Kingston Philharmonia, cond. Peter Fender

    St Andrews Church, Surbiton KT6 4LS

    Saturday 6 July 

 8. Royal Parks

    Cornwall Youth Brass Band

   St Michael's Church, Newquay

    Monday 30th December

9. Programme Change:   St Ives Birthday Concert, 28th June 2013

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previously announced programme by the Cornish Sinfonia with premieres of works by David Frost and George Lloyd will not now take place.  A revised programme is in preparation, and will be announced as soon as possible.   


British Library Acquisitions

We are delighted to announce that the great majority of George Lloyd’s manuscripts have now been delivered to the British Library.  They will announce the details of the acquisition in their regular newsletter in due course, and they hope to make the material available to the public as soon as possible, subject to cataloguing and conservation. (We understand that this is normally within 3 months.) 

We have put in a request, which is being considered, that at least one of the manuscripts might be on display for the composer’s Centenary date of 28th June 2013. 

William and Alison Lloyd delivered the manuscripts personally to St Pancras, packed in 8 banana boxes!¬† (‚Äėit‚Äôs not the first time‚Äô we were informed by one of the librarians!) We were privileged to be given a tour of the music collections, and were in awe at the range of the collection, the standard of conservation, the quality of the bindings, the maintenance of the storage environment, and the expertise of the staff. ¬†We would like to suggest that anyone with even a passing interest in music manuscripts would find something fascinating and informative at the British Library. ¬†The music collection starts at the year 1500 (earlier manuscripts are in the Medieval Department) and includes just about every British composer of significance since that date.¬†For a taste of the epicurean delights, browsing the catalogue is a pleasure in itself.¬†

In the course of sorting and cataloguing the George Lloyd material, a number of previously unknown works have come to light, including an orchestral arrangement of the HMS Trinidad March, originally written for Military Band. Typesetting of the score and parts is underway, and we hope for a premiere performance in the Centenary year. __________________________________________________________________________________________

Education Pack

As part of our association with the British Library, we are developing an education pack. This pack will comprise:

-         An electronic (PDF) version of two versions of Symphony No 3 Full Score

      • the original version, written 1933,
      • the revised version of 1935.

-         A link to an audio (mp3)  version of Symphony No 3

 -         A printed version of the 1933 Score (George had multiple copies printed, and then revised it!)

 -         Biographical information and information about the composition and performance of symphony No 3.

Students will be asked to answer the following questions;

    1      What revisions did George Lloyd make to the symphony?

    2      Why did he make them?

    3      Is the symphony improved, and in what way?

There will be a cash prize and a set of CDs for the student providing the best answer. Judges to be announced.    For further details please contact us via the website at:

_________________________________________ __ ______________________________________________

Biographical Film

Redcliffe Film Productions, based in Bristol, have started work on a film documentary about the life of George Lloyd, using archive footage, interviews with the composer and with his nephew William, and of course a sound-track of George's music. The film is schedule for release in late 2013. 

A very brief trailer (showing library archive footage only) can be found at: 



Following a major re-organisation of our stock room, we find that we have a stock of cassettes which are now deleted from the catalogue, but too good to throw away.  When we launched Albany Records in 1987,  music cassettes were a significant part of our sales revenue, but as CD and then MP3 took over from LP and cassette, these are now surplus to requirements. We are offering them free of charge to Society members who may still have a cassette player. Please contact us via the website for a list of what is available. (Postage will be charged at cost.)


Free CDs and cassette offer

to Recorded Music Societies

We are no longer able to bear the cost of sending to our postal mailing list, and as a result we have lost touch with many old friends from the Federation of Recorded Music Societies.  We have searched the web for email address, and have about 70, but would like to contact the remainder, so anyone reading this who is a member of an RMS, please contact us.

One reason we want to make contact is to make a free offer to Societies: We have a pack comprising a free George Lloyd CD, a selection of free cassettes, and a selection of 4 free CDS by other composers. (These are quality CDs, left over from our days as distributors and could be anything - orchestral, chamber, choral etc.)  If you would like to take up this Centenary offer, please send your address and £5.00 in stamps towards the postage cost to:

George Lloyd Music, PO Box 137, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 0XD



There are now two Facebook pages for George Lloyd!  

The Society administers the page called George Lloyd Centenary, and there is also a ‚ÄėBand/Musician‚Äô page, administered by a third party. If you are a Facebook user, please add your name to our Friends list, which is updated more often than this Newsletter!¬†Facebook contains some interesting comments, such as this one:

‚Äé"He (Lloyd) sometimes resembles the French composers of Les Six, in whose work a high degree of polish and craftsmanship goes hand in hand with genuine popular appeal."

For postal subscribers to the Newsletter (i.e. those who paid the extra £5.00 when joining,) please consider adding your name to the email Mailing List.

 Previous Newsletters will be found at:

Thank you once again for your interest in the George Lloyd Society.



William Lloyd


PS  Please support the Centenary concerts if you can:

Next event:  Forest of Arden, Lambeth Wind Orchestra,

St Leonard's Church, Tooting Bec, Streatham 

Saturday 20th April 

Latest Calendar here: