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Albany Records (UK) specialises in recordings of British orchestral and choral music, particularly the music of George Lloyd. 

George Lloyd (1913 - 1998) wrote 12 Symphonies, 7 Concertos, 3 Operas, Choral and Chamber pieces, various miscellaneous orchestral works and pieces for Brass Band, Wind Band, and Brass Ensemble. His music is tuneful, tonal, and accessible, and although it springs from the tradition of British music, it has the characteristics of the first half of the 20th Century. For biographical information see the George Lloyd Society, and for a list of works etc. see the George Lloyd Music Library. 

Albany Records (US) specialises in 20th century American music, although the catalogue contains a diverse range of musical styles and periods. Please click the link for the Albany (US) catalogue of over 1500 CD recordings. UK Distribution by Priory Records. 

Project Proposals:  Please do not send unsolicited material, either as hard CD or email attachments. Albany Records (UK) is not currently accepting new project proposals and we are unable to acknowledge receipt.   

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